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Southampton Minibus Hire

 Here are some tips for hiring a minibus or coach from Southampton Minibus Hire:

  • Consider the number of passengers and luggage when deciding on vehicle size. Make sure to get an accurate count so you don’t end up with too small or too large of a vehicle. Minibuses typically seat 8–16 people.


  •  Book early, especially if you need the vehicle during peak times. Summer weekends tend to get booked up far in advance. Give them as much notice as possible.


  •  Inquire if the company offers flexible pick-up/drop-off times. This allows you to customize the rental to your schedule.


  •  Ask what features come standard on their minibuses and coaches. Some common amenities are leather seats, TVs/DVD players, PA systems, and Wi-Fi.


  •  Find out if the vehicle will remain with your group exclusively for the duration, or if it may be used for other jobs before/after. An exclusive rental ensures it focuses entirely on your needs.  


  •  Clarify all fees upfront, so there are no surprises. This may include mileage fees, cleaning fees, driver gratuity, etc. Some companies include miles/hours in the base rental rate.    


  •  Request a vehicle inspection before departure. This allows you to document any prior damage in case issues arise when the vehicle is returned.


  •  Provide plenty of detail when explaining your trip itinerary. Knowing all stops and timing helps them best plan for drivers, fuel stops, etc.


  •  Don’t forget to tip your driver if you have good service. 15-20% is a general guideline.