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Day Trips

 Here are some tips for hiring minibuses and coaches for day trips:

  • Consider group size when deciding on vehicle size. Minibuses typically seat 8-16 people, while coaches seat 16-55. Make sure to get a vehicle that will comfortably fit your group.


  •  Book early, especially during peak seasons. Popular destinations and times of year get booked up fast. Reserve your transportation a few months in advance if possible.


  •  Compare multiple companies on price, vehicle types, amenities, reviews, etc. Look for ones known for reliability, safety, and good customer service.


  •  Clarify all fees upfront – rental, mileage, driver costs, fuel surcharges, taxes, etc. There should be no hidden surprises.


  •  Discuss the itinerary and routes with the company. See if they have advice or need special accommodations made for the places you wish to access.


  •  Look into driver accommodations if it is an all-day trip. Will a second driver be needed? Is there a charge for the driver’s meals?


  •  See if food and drinks are allowed on board. Some companies prohibit eating. Others have coolers and allow snacks.


  •  Don’t forget accessibility needs. Make sure the company can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, or other requirements.


  •   Built-in plenty of restrooms and activity stops. Long rides can be tiring and uncomfortable.


  •  Get everything you agree upon with the company in writing when you reserve it to avoid misunderstandings later.