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Coach Tours

 Here are some tips for hiring minibuses and coaches for coach tours:

  •  Consider the number of passengers and luggage when deciding on vehicle size. Make sure there is adequate room and storage space. Minibuses generally seat 8–16 people. Coaches seat more.


  •  Book early, especially for peak seasons. This will guarantee availability and potentially better rates.


  •  Inspect the vehicle thoroughly before departing. Check for cleanliness, functioning amenities like A/C and heaters, etc.


  •  Agree on all terms upfront – total fees, deposits, cancellation policy, including features/services, etc. Get it in writing.


  •  Ask what is included – fees, mileage, driver expenses, permits, etc. Are there any hidden costs?


  •  Inquire about the driver’s experience, credentials, working hours, etc. An experienced driver can greatly improve the tour.


  •  Understand all applicable laws and regulations for passenger transport and tourism in the areas you will visit. Have proper licenses, insurance, and permissions.  


  •  Build buffer time into your itinerary to account for traffic, rest stops, meals, etc. An overly rushed schedule creates stress.


  •  Carry emergency contacts, first aid information, maps/GPS as backup, and other contingency plans in case of delays, diversions etc.


  •  Get proof of maintenance records and safety checks for the hired vehicle. Breakdowns can severely impact your tour.