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Cardiff Minibus Hire

Here are some tips for hiring a minibus or coach from a company in Cardiff:

  •  Shop around and get quotes from several companies. Prices can vary quite a bit, so it pays to compare. Check reviews online to help narrow your choices.


  •  Be clear about the number of passengers you need to transport and the quantity and size of luggage when requesting a quote. This will ensure you get an appropriately sized vehicle.


  •  Consider carefully the number of doors and seats you need. Minibuses come in different configurations.


  •  Inquire if the company supplies drivers or if you need to provide your licensed driver. Factor this into the total cost.


  •  Ask what is included in the rental rate (e.g. insurance, mileage/fuel, etc.) and what would incur additional fees. There should be no hidden costs.


  •  For longer rentals, find out if they can provide backup vehicles in case of a breakdown. You want to avoid disrupting your travel plans.


  •  Book early, especially for peak travel times. Availability can be limited for some companies.


  •  Read the rental agreement thoroughly so you understand cancellation policies, deposit requirements, and your responsibilities.


  •  Inspect the vehicle at pickup for damage or cleaning issues. Point out any concerns before leaving the rental facility.


  •  Agree upon pickup/drop-off times and locations when you book. Confirm the details shortly before the rental date. Allow ample time for vehicle inspections.