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Bristol Minibus Hire

 Here are some tips for hiring a minibus in Bristol:

  •  Shop around and get quotes from several companies. Prices can vary quite a bit between companies. Ask what is included in the price (mileage, VAT, etc).


  •  Consider the number of passengers and luggage when deciding on minibus size. Popular sizes are 16-seater, 14-seater, and 8-seater minibuses. Make sure you don’t overload the vehicle.


  •  Book early, especially if you need the minibus during peak times or for special events. Last-minute bookings will be more expensive.


  •  Ask if the company offers breakdown coverage and what the protocol is if the minibus breaks down.


  •  Inspect the minibus before departing. Check for cleanliness, damage, proper working seatbelts, etc.


  •  Clarify insurance coverage, license requirements and driver age restrictions. Some companies require the driver to be over 25 or to have held a license for a certain number of years.


  •  Plan your route and get an estimate for mileage from the company. There may be extra fees for going over an allotted mileage.


  •  Understand cancellation and no-show policies. You may lose your deposit or be charged a fee for last-minute cancellations.


  •  Get contact information for the minibus company in case you need to reach them during your rental.


  •  Read all rental agreements carefully so you understand all terms, fees and policies.